About this book: Overcoming Alcohol Misuse, A 28 Day Guide
The book is based on my experience as a treating psychiatrist for addictions and on the best and most up-to-date treatment research. Some of the materials in this book is derived from teaching material I have developed for academics, medical students and psychiatrists, and also from the multiple presentations I have given to lay audiences of sufferers and their families as well as members of the general public over many years.

My experience as a treating phyisician, a teacher and a researcher has taught me that there is a tremendous need for material that can help those with alcohol addiction to gain understanding of their own problems gain that understanding, and to learn how to help their loved ones to start on the journey to recovery.

Addiction is a very lonely place, for those suffering from it and for those around them. This book is intended to show that there is no need for the experience to be so lonely and that a vital part of the alcohol misuser's journey into recovery is the end of that loneliness, both for them and their loved ones. A vital component of making the journey into recovery a success id for the alcohol misuser to reach out for help and support. Loved ones cannot bear the burden alone and they too must reach out for vital support.

Dr. Farren's 1st Book
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